June was a busy month for the Blind Boxes team as we forged partnerships, launched product updates, dropped new collections, and hosted interactive sessions with our community. As we look forward to the month ahead, here is a recap of June 2021.

Launches and Updates

Blind Boxes went live on the Ethereum Mainnet in June, paving the way for a fresh cohort of artists and collectors to transact on the Blind Boxes Marketplace. …

Today multifaceted digital artist Elodene Baker released her highly anticipated collection on the Blind Boxes Marketplace.

Shop Elodene’s Ethereum-based NFT collection, ‘Unobtainable’ — a commentary on the lavish lifestyles enjoyed by a select few.

In a world full of temptations & desires reach for the unobtainable.

$BLES is the native token powering the Blind Boxes ecosystem. BLES is mined whenever users open Blind Boxes, and it is required to purchase the most coveted NFTs on our platform. BLES can be staked to earn yield and it is also the trigger for special mining rewards (for users who are staking the token during special events).

With all of that functionality in mind, one question our team receives daily is “How do I buy $BLES?”.

This guide should help.

Currently, $BLES is available on numerous decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX). The BLES token is active on…

The wait is over. Today we are excited to announce the winners of the Get Minted Challenge: Wang Chung Edition. All winning artworks will be minted as 1:1 editions and sold through a special Blind Boxes drop this week. Proceeds from this drop

Recap of the rules

· The winners were selected based on votes from the BLES staking community

· Voting occurred on-chain to ensure transparency and efficiency

· A BLES voting rewards pool was established

· During voting days, BLES staking rewards were boosted by 50%

· Winning artworks will be minted into NFTs and sold through an…

Our 90-day liquidity staking program went live on May 8, 2021. BLES HODLers take note! Staking will end on Aug 8, 2021.


· Starting Block Height: 7237470

· Ending Block: 9829470

· 900,000 BLES were allocated for LP staking over a ~ 90 day period.

Steps to stake on the Blind Boxes dApp:

· Visit v2.blindboxes.io/

· connect Metamask or other crypto wallet to the Binance Smart Chain Network.

· Click on Staking on the left menu bar.

We are pleased to onboard talented geometric visual artist Kridhan Subbaiah a.k.a. KRIIAH on onto the Blind Boxes platform. KRIIAH has explored several facets of his craft by dabbling across themes like abstract geometry, existentialism, creation, and spirituality.

His parallel careers as an experimental music producer and a holistic mental wellness professional have significantly influenced his approach towards art, and his work has been showcased at world-renowned music events across the globe such as the Esoteric Festival, Chillout Shed, Bicycle Day, and Draweedian Gigs.

Growing up in Bangalore, popularly referred to as India’s garden city, KRIIAH was always drawn to…

2020 witnessed the DeFi (decentralized finance) summer where Total Value Locked (TVL) in various protocols rose exponentially. In 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm. In February this year, NFT artist Beeple sold his ‘The First 5000 Days’ for a whopping USD 69 million through noted auction house Christie’s, which had the world sit up and take notice.

The NFT market so far has been heavily skewed towards digital art, but this dynamic industry is ever-evolving. The promise of blockchain technology and Proof of Authenticity is luring luxury brands across various verticals. …

We are delighted to onboard multifaceted artist Themba Child a.k.a. Butternut Deluxe as a featured NFT creator on the Blind Boxes platform. Themba has spent 10+ years as a keen student and evangelist of art. His physical art collections have won him accolades and sold out in multiple countries. He has also been prominently featured in publications in Taiwan.

Themba grew up in Ottawa, Canada and was drawn to art at a young age. Heavily influenced by pop culture, he often referenced old video games and explored different mediums which inspired him to formally pursue a diploma in graphic design.

We are now live with Version 2 (V2) of the Blind Boxes dApp, desktop-version. Here is a step-by-step guide for creators to launch collections on our platform.


  1. Visit v2.blindboxes.io. The 3 large buttons depicted below link to quick guides, including how to: connect your Metamask wallet, minti NFTs, and create a collection.

The Metaverse is expanding. The non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem, which has been dominated by art, is now drawing in the fashion industry. Web 3.0 has ushered in a new phase that top designers and niche brands are leveraging to conquer fashion’s next frontier.

‘Digital fashion’ isn’t a mere buzzword anymore, but a trend that’s backed by serious capital and innovation. Here are 3 digital-first companies building fashion brands in the Metaverse:

The Fabricant:

Blind Boxes

The first gamified curation platform + launchpad for NFTs www.blindboxes.io | www.v2.blindboxes.io

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